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Why Safe And Good QR Code Here?

Encode Everything:

  • Encoding URLs on your PC, then use your smart phone to scan and visit.
  • Encoding SMS or short text, and scan on your or friends' smart phone to watch.
  • Save QR Code as PNG photo. Pass it to your friends.

  • Simple and Reliable:

  • Pure Javascript code. All in your browser.
  • QR Code is a good function to pass short massages, but not for long article contents.

  • All in your local device:

  • No other extra and useless connections to hosting server. All process on your local device.
  • All information stays in your place. You can even use this to encode passcode or personal phone numbers with no worry.
  • But save or scan is on your own. Keep it safe as you can.
  • You can find all source code in this page.