Online QR Code - QR Code Everything

  • Online encoding URLs, SMSs, accounts, passwords, personal phone numbers.
  • No plug-in. Full online function. All in your device.
  • You can save QR Code to local image (PNG format).
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    Online Screen Captor - Full Length Webpage

  • Online full-size webpage screen capture.
  • No plug-in. Full online capture.
  • Save screen capture to JPG format.
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    Online Password Generator - Reading Friendly

  • Full online generator. No connection to server. Keep your password safe.
  • Features to make password strong enough, not just only put it in random simply.
  • READABLE mode will make your password easy to distinguish or read, and still not easy to remember.
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    Online Video Extractor - Video Download

  • Extract video link from original website. Support MP4 / MP3 / M3U8 format.
  • We will try our best to keep this work.
  • Do not support fMP4 / MPD format.
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